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MOMS Club® of Grand Blanc, MI is a chapter of the International MOMS Club® (www.momsclub.org).   MOMS Club® (MOMS Offering Moms Support) is a support group for all full or part time stay-at-home moms. Our chapter covers Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, Holly/Genesee County only, Burton, Flint, Mt. Morris, Davison, Goodrich and Townships of Mundy/Clayton/Gaines/Flint.
We have a monthly General Meeting, where we discuss Club business, and spend time with other members and their kids.   During the rest of the month, our Moms and their kids enjoy events like park days, play groups, local attractions (zoo, waterpark, farm visits, and more), MOMS Night Out, and other fun activities. All of our activities (with the exception of MOMS Night Out) are held during the day when stay-at-home moms need the most support.
Our group does at least one Service project each year.  We’ve done projects such as prepare dinner for families at Ronald McDonald House, and Back-to-School Backpacks for Whaley’s Children Center, to name a few.  These projects are funded through our fundraising efforts.
And most importantly, our Moms support each other!  We have a “Meals for Moms” program, where we prepare meals for Moms who have had a new baby, or who are ill or recovering from surgery.  Many of our moms are happy to watch each other’s kids to help out every now and then.
MOMS Club® is a place where you, and your kids, make new friends.

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