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April President Post


This month we are collecting items for blessing bags for women. We have teamed up with Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministry to get these out to women in need. Our April general meeting was this past week, where we had an egg hunt and yummy food to share!

This is just a few of the great things about MOMS Club©. You receive a calendar for the month of activities planned for you including baby play dates, toddler play dates, story time, and more.  Please email us for more information!

Hellooooo! President speaking!

Hope this message finds you in good spirits!
These past few months have been very busy! In February we donated fleece blankets to Project Linus. We have gone to places that we have been before as well as new ones. The newest one was today at an aquatic center. I have never heard of this place and for a very decent price, we got do to something my son loves, play in water.

This is one of the great things about MOMS Club©. You receive a calendar for the month of activities planned for you including baby play dates, toddler play dates, story time, and more. Last week we had a traveling zoo at a members house. Our general meeting is next week, so if you are thinking about checking us out, that would be the day to do it. Please email us for more information!

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

‘Tis the season to making a list and checking it twice to see whom made the naughty or nice list. This month’s theme is about Joy, Family, and giving back. Even though we kept our calendar light and simple, it’s still packed with all the Christmas festivities. We start the month with our annual Toys-for-Tots Drive and MOMS Club Christmas party. Everybody looks forward to the Flint Cultural Family Night Holiday Walk and MOMS night out at Bronners/Frankenmuth a 365 days of Christmas Wonderland  Store in Michigan.  The kiddos will get to meet their favorite man in the red suite and white beard “SANTA  CLAUS” and enjoy the sleigh bells in the snow (if it ever snows).

As you relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of your home, and enjoy the get-togethers – May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives, long after Christmas is gone.





Harvest Time

Sweaters, scarves, boots, pumpkin patches, foliage, Halloween, harvest, caramel apples, and turkey can only mean one thing, Fall has arrived and is the best season of all. We start the month off with shipping our kids back to school, but that does not mean the fun ends. We have introduced baby play dates this month for all our new mommies. For all you pumpkin spice lattes lovers we have breakfast and brunch meet ups at your favorite local coffee shops. The group will also be attending the first of many apple orchards, this month we will start with Spicer’s.

Let the Harvest Season begin!!!

– Wanda F.

Hello There… President speaking

Things are changing here at MOMS Club® of Grand Blanc, and that means new and exciting changes for our members as well! We have started two new clubs, Craft club and Fitness Club. In July, our board changed over to officers.

Katie R. (me) – President Jamie O. – Membership Vice President    Kim Y. – Secretary Wanda F. – Treasurer

Last month at our July general meeting, we voted on our service projects for the year. Right now we are working on our police departments appreciation and making newborn hats for one of the the local hospitals!

We have also merged with Grand Blanc East and changed our name to Grand Blanc from Grand Blanc West. We now cover Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, Holly/Genesee County only, Burton, Flint, Mt. Morris, Davison, Goodrich and Townships of Mundy/Clayton/Gaines/Flint. If you live in these areas, we would love to have you join us at an event and see if you would like to become a member. We are here to support the full and part time stay at home mom! It is a journey, one that we can all struggle with, that can feel alienating at times. That is what we are here for, to help you through your hard times, and to help you celebrate the times things finally went your way. I know with Bubbaduke, I  certainly  have had plenty of rough times and wouldn’t know what I would do without my club. 

Our August general meeting is Tuesday, the 23rd at 10 am. Please email us if you would like to join us there. Don’t worry if you can’t make that one, email us anyways and we will talk to you about other events we are having, give you more information about MOMS Club®, and answer any questions that you have.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Katie R.

Hello Summer!


We’ve started the summer off with a bang here at MOMS Club® of Grand Blanc! Lots to look forward to over the coming weeks. Aside from our typical playdates, park days and other fun events – this month we will be (trying to!) beat the heat at the Splash Pad over at Bicentennial Park! Kazoos is another fun day the kids are sure to enjoy and get some of that energy out! Bounce! of Hartland will be another fun day for the littles of the group. Looking forward to some fun and great company this summer with MOMS Club® of Grand Blanc!

-Kim Y

November Here We Come!


We have a lot of events going on in November. We have our normal coffee dates, park days, and story time, of course. On top of those we have a few different kid’s day out activities such as Sloan Museum, and Kazoos. We are going out for dinner for our mom’s night out which is always fun! With Bubbaduk, I think we are looking forward to Kazoos the most. Lots of different things to do for the littles and the prices are decent for all that you get to do. We also have an open house and community service project this month. We are making cards for kids in the hospital on November 13th from 3-5 pm at the Police Station meeting room in Grand Blanc Township. We would love to meet you and have you enjoy these activities with us! Please email us so that we can arrange times with you to meet and have you join.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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We had so many great events in October. The pumpkin patch family outing was a great time with a good turnout. Bubbaduke really enjoyed the hay ride and the animals. Our story time was amazing with a new member and her child as well as other members that have joined our club a while ago. After coffee and a muffin and story time, we decided to take a walk around the mall which was so much fun! Our trip to the Children’s Museum was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy the different things to do. I think Bubbadukes favorite was playing with M in the helicopter and fire truck. Coffee dates are always fun, even if I don’t drink coffee. It is one of my favorite activities that we do. I mean, what more can you ask for then to sit with a few good friends, in your pajamas, and have adult conversations while the kids play together and you don’t have to watch their constant move because you are already at a place that is childproof?

Stay tuned to hear about what is coming up in November. So many fun things! Please email us if you would like more information or would like the meet us!


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Summer to Fall

6162615335_a5f7bef7c2_nThe summer has ended and we are moving into fall. The color of the leaves changing, carving pumpkins and apple cider has begun! August has been full of end of the season activities, September transitioning into the start of the school year and supporting our moms (and families) as they go back, and October where we finally start enjoying our season of fall.
The month of August had a lot of activities for our group. We had our open house, fun at the park, our coffee/play dates, craft night where we made jewelry holders, a fire station tour that the kids loved, and a cookout with our families.
In September, we still have a few activities left. One more park day, a coffee date, mom’s afternoon out and our family activity is left to enjoy. While my significant other will probably be working, I will still be enjoying the family activity with other families that are close to my heart. Bubbaduke and I will still be getting out and enjoying the company of our friends (that are close enough to be our family).
I know that I am looking forward to our October events which include going to a pumpkin patch! In the past, many of our families have loved going to the pumpkin patch, and I’m excited to be joining them this year. We also will be going to the Children’s Museum as one of our kids day out activities. Bubbaduke loves the museum and we are looking forward to playing with our friends there next month!

As always if you would like to join us for activities and see if this is a group you would like to join please email us at

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Open House!

MOMS Club of Grand Blanc West/ Swartz Creek is hosting an Open House on Thursday, August 13th at 10am at Elms Park in Swartz Creek (4150 Elms Rd Swartz Creek, MI)! We would love to meet you and answer any questions you have about our group!  If you have any questions about the open house, please contact us through the contact form on the website, or you can email us at