May and June

WOW! How is it already May?! This year seems to be flying by!

We have a lot of great activities planned for May and June! We will be having many park days at local parks, a museum visit, a field trip to a fire station, putt-putt golf as a MOMS Night Out, coffee days, visiting the library, and more!

We would love to have you join us at our next general meeting! Email us at to learn more.

March Happenings

It has been nice to see some warmer temps lately! Hopefully they will be here to stay soon 🙂

This month, we have started a walking group…what a fun way to start your day! We will also have a couple coffee dates, kids day out to the Children’s Museum, and MOMS Night In with yummy food and a movie.

Are you interested in joining our group? Click on the Contact Us page or email us at


Coming up this month…a Valentines craft party, MOMS Night Out at a local restaurant, gymnastics open gym, coffee dates, and a guest speaker at our general meeting.

Coming up!

We have some great activities coming up in the next coming months! We will have a guest speaker at our February General Meeting, MOMS Night Out at a local restaurant, gymnastic kids day out, library trip, valentines craft party, a trip to the Sloan museum, and more! Contact us at for more info! We are always looking for new members!

December Happenings

Here are the fun things we did in December:
A trip to the Fenton Children’s Library,
Family Breakfast at Big Boy,
Open Gym at Grand Blanc Gymnastics,
Coffee at Starbucks,
Monthly general meeting,
MOMS Night Out,
Holiday Walk at Crossroads Village,
Christmas Craft play date, and
Play time at the Genesee Valley Play Area

Coming up in June

We have some fun activities coming up this month that we are really looking forward to! They include:
Park days to enjoy this beautiful weather,
Lunch days,
Family Movie Night,
Bunco MOMS Night Out,
Strawberry picking, and our
General Meeting.

May Happenings

May was a fun filled month for us!
Some of the activities included:
Park days,
Trip to a zoo,
Scavenger Hunt,
MOMS Night Out,
A Guest speaker at our general meeting.
As always, feel free to let us know if you have any ideas you would like to see added to our calendar!